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Arcomage Remake I'm working on currently

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Hello! I am an indie developer working on a remake of the Might & Magic series card mini-game called Arcomage.


I really love Arcomage and want to make a really good remake. I try very hard to keep its original appearance. I don’t want to add any other balance-breaking functionality. Perhaps later I will add a direct ability to create my own decks, something like mods, both based on a standard deck of cards, and completely your own. At the moment I am working on repeating the version that was in Might and Magic itself, i.e. version for one player, and a computer as an opponent. Later I will be working on multiplayer modes. Since I develop all this alone, I do not have a release date for specific versions.

What has already been done so far:

  • Fully updated graphics (using upscale via Topaz Gigapixel AI and waifu2x). Now all the graphics look just fine, and just like in the original.
  • Moved the entire original card deck to the database for ease of localization. The whole interface is also easy to localize.
  • Basic mechanics. Using cards and their scripts.
  • The original sounds have been carried over to the remake. I am thinking about improving their quality, but I don’t know how to do it yet.
  • Original interface. Everything looks exactly the same as in the original. And then there are the cool particles!
  • Some kind of AI for the opponent (computer). I already really want to rewrite it from scratch, but all the hands do not reach.

You can find a list of all the planned features or features that I’m working on now, well, just the progress of the project, on my Trello board.

Thank you all very much for your interest in the project.

Thanks to Alexander Krop for initiation to the wonderful world of Might and Magic and Arcomage in particular. Thanks a lot to him for the inspiration to make this remake.

Thanks to the cool guys from the r/MightAndMagic subreddit, they very warmly accepted my post about the fact that I am developing a remake.